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Patons is British-produced and is loved by generations of knitters. Download. Patons Jet 12 Ply #815 Black Wool & Alpaca 50g. details. BECOME A SPOTLIGHT VIP Get VIP discounts, attend exclusive events and more Jun 2, 2016 - Patons yarn brand, previously Patons & Baldwin have some stunning vintage patterns still out there in the market!. Girls LACY Knitting Pattern Fuzzy Wuzzy wool or 4ply yarn PARTY TIME 22-27"Chest. rating of 4.0 from 1 vote Page created: August 20, 2013 PATONS JET 12 PLY WOOL & ALPACA YARN 50G BALL ASH #852. Knitting. Doubt whether you will find anything at the big commercial stores. + Postage to: Ireland. Do you want a stark solid, a heathered look, or a semi-solid or tonal look? Silk (rayon), pleasant touch and beautiful sheen, Ivorine; for shawls and babies' garments, this speciality contains a Lustre thread and is more suitable for dainty outer, Beehive Silversheen: This speciality, the most sparkling material available for shawls and babies' sthings, is of about the, Eyebright Fleecy: Of similar brilliancy to that of the Silversheen, but much thicker in the thread, this yarn is particularly, Kingfisher Lustre Wool: A brilliant thread, composed of Wool and Art. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. Not to be republished or sold. colorways. Most yarns sold in North America and many sold in Europe have a weight number on the ball band. The following suggestions might work in some projects. There is a recommendation of using 8 mm wide hook. See Checkout page for the final price. details. This is for one skein of Promise yarn, made in Canada, by Patons. Delphinium Blue with white angora fuzz, and fire engine red in it's original box. Our Patons Yarn Collection Filter Sort By: Go. See details for delivery est. With a huge range of yarns, there’s something for everyone, from 100% natural fibers to easy-care blends. Viewing as a guest user. Register for an account. Wool Warehouse Yarn Category - buy all of your yarn products online today with FAST delivery! £6.99 + P&P. Patons Jet 12 Ply #508 Navy Wool & Alpaca 50g. Sale 1ball DK MOHAIR 50% Angora goats Cashmere 50% silk Yarn Knitting Steel Blue. So if the designer used a yarn that has 135 meters or yards per 50g and you have one that's 145 or so, that’s likely going to be close enough. These skeins are 40 gram, 145 yard skeins. If you have an allergy to animal fibres I am not suggesting you throw caution to the wind and buy wool anyway. Newer Post →, I was selling patterns at crochet and knit show a couple of years back and someone looked at one of them, sighed, and said: “. stashes (138) pattern ideas. For some classic yarn inspiration, look no further. Welcome to the gentle art of yarn substitution. You want to substitute a wool yarn with 198 yards per 100-gram ball. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Color Palette by Bluelime Media.. Deprecated: Directive 'allow_url_include' is deprecated in Unknown on line 0: Directive 'allow_url_include' is deprecated in Unknown on line 0 Yarn: a fuzzy yarn (Patons Divine used for example ferrets). These weight numbers were established by the Craft Yarn Council of America and range from the finest lace weight (CYCA 0) to the new category for the insanely thick yarns that are popular for crafts like arm knitting and finger knitting (CYCA 7). Our collection of Patons yarns and wools includes aran weight, DK, cotton and more. Patons Grace Yarn Patons Grace yarn is an ultra-soft, delicate cotton yarn that you’re going to want to use for summer garments. yarn ideas. Silk (rayon) and preserving the sheen of the latter, Teazle Wool: This material, in fabric, lends itself to the process of "brushing", or raising, by which its surface is given a, Beehive Jumper Wool: In thickness between Double Knitting and Shetland Floss, this yarn is suitable for outdoor garments, Beehive Camelaine: This is a specially soft material, very warm in wear. Every now and then I decide to knit from my stash of Fuzzy Wuzzy when I get enough yarn gathered to make a reasonable amount of hats.....and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Gods have been very kind to me of late....2 huge stashes of this scrumptious yarn came my way. Find patons fuzzy wuzzy from a vast selection of Crafts. When considering texture you need to think about whether the project yarn has a lot of halo (mohairs or brushed acrylics), a particular spin such as boucle or thick and thin, and even the number of plies it is made up of. by Patons UK. Pick a yarn that will support your goals. Knit this fun childrens fish tail and cute toy using Patons Diploma Gold DK. Fingering 55% Angora, 45% Wool 61 yards / 10 grams 70 projects. Appearance is what the yarn looks like, as opposed to the texture which addresses how it is made. If the yarn has a characteristic in its makeup, to make your project to look like the photo, you need to choose a yarn with similar characteristics. See more ideas about Patons yarn, Vintage patterns, Yarn brands. patons be mine yarn -wuzzy white. Look at the qualities of the stitch pattern you want to make – does it need to make a stretchy fabric for fit, or does it need to be stiffer for durability? Yarn weight is a tricky one. Language. Plant fibres such as linen and cotton behave very differently than acrylics, which behave very differently from animal fibres like wool and alpaca. But animal fibres are way more elastic or springy, if you will, than plant fibres, while acrylics can run the gamut depending on how they are made. Intermediate. Last I want to talk about appearance. For example, the pattern calls for a worsted-weight wool yarn with 110 yards per 50-gram ball. I believe there are some lovely yarns available and I bet they are an unlovely price. The absolute best trick I know for trying to compare the weight of two different, comparable yarns that you are not holding in your hand is this – look at both the yardage and the skein weight on the ball band. 100% Cotton 4-ply; 100% Cotton DK; Baby Smiles 100% Fairytale Cotton 4-ply *Does not include vouchers for free patterns. details. When choosing yarn for your project you need to consider yarn. £23.99. Those two are usually not interchangeable – in the same way that too fuzzy a texture will defeat a gorgeous stitch pattern, a frantic variegated yarn can obscure a delicate stitch. Share - patons be mine yarn -wuzzy white. What am I missing? Continue with Download. 05. For a 100% wool yarn try Classic Wool that comes in solids, bulky weights, a roving and a DK Superwash. Save those bold bursts of colour for simpler stitching. Our Patons yarn offerings include synthetic yarns, natural yarns and natural blended yarn. This list is for personal use only, and may not be reproduced without permission of the author. For work with a fuzzy yarn, it is recommended to use the bigger hook, about 4,5-8 mm wide hook. One full 1/2 ounce / 14.8g ball and one partially used ball of the now rare and beautiful Light Blue Patons Fuzzy-Wuzzy yarn. From United Kingdom. ... About this yarn Fuzzy Wuzzy Angora. If one yarn has 200 meters (or yards for my US friends) in a 50g skein and one has 300, there is going to be a significant difference in the thickness of those two yarns. In a range of stunning colours both strong and subtle, Cotton 4ply is perfect for light summer tops and accessories, summer knits for babies, and delicate crocheted trims and borders. When speaking of yarn colours, a rose is not always a rose! projects (4) comments (2) Each one of those will look different when knitted or crocheted up. I will write you my own experience: I like to work with Happy yarn by Yarnart. An original realistic crochet amigurumi Ferret pattern from the Fuzzy Friends collection by June Gilbank. There are many reasons why designers choose the yarns they do, some of which are relevant to yarn substitution and some of which are not (the magazine editor made me!). One more thing to think of when you are thinking about texture is elasticity. Find free knitting patterns for beginners and advanced knitters from popular manufacturers including Bernat, Lion Brand and Red Heart yarn. Copyright © Vintage Knits 2014. patterns > Patons North America > Patons Free Project Sheets > Cosy Cap and Mitts. These weight numbers were established by the Craft Yarn Council of America and range from the finest lace weight (CYCA 0) to the new category for the insanely thick yarns that are popular for crafts like arm knitting and finger knitting (CYCA 7). Patons 100% Cotton 4ply is a wonderfully smooth cotton yarn, produced from high quality combed and mercerized cotton. The yarn was in a box of some pink Fuzzy-wuzzy and the details on the box relate to the pink yarn, as does the cardboard label in the picture. Leaflet 0045 – Patons Sierra Season $ 8.65 Add to Cart Leaflet 0048 Patons Winter Treasures in Gembrook $ 8.65 Add to Cart Leaflet 9005 – Patons Chunky Vest in Inca $ 5.90 Add to Cart Book 1108 – Timeless Handknits Get great deals on eBay! Four balls of the most beautiful Baby Pink Patons Fuzzy-Wuzzy yarn - as light as a babys breath! Job Lot Mixed DK Acrylic Yarn 20 balls 10g Craft Mini Balls Wool Woolyhippo . Yarn Brands; Patons (UK) Popular yarns. Register for an account. EUR 2.21. AU $7.50 New. Current Price $15.05 $ 15. Next, consider the texture of the yarn. Buy it now + EUR 11.09 postage. Easy. Popular . Single-ply yarns have a much more rustic look than yarns made of of many plies, which often look smoother, and the fabrics made from single plies often behave differently because they don’t have a twist. You are welcome to the box and AU $8.25 New. £36.99 + P&P . The amount of twist affects stitch definition – I might want something smooth and tightly plied for cables or texture stitches, and I generally wouldn’t try to do a pattern with a lot of tricky stitches in a yarn with a lot of halo, or a distinct lack of twist. Changing colour is a simple change to make, but what if you need to make a different sort of change before you begin your project? The balls of yarn are 4 oz / 113.4 grams, please note one of the balls was a little unravelled from the middle so a little of the yarn Continue with Download. If the information you have is for a 50g skein for one type and a 100g skein for the other, simply cut the numbers for the 100g skein in half for comparison’s sake. by Patons UK. Knitting Yarn-Wool-500g-Patons-Cotton-Linen Look-Green-Willow-Crafts-Vintage-6H. Most yarns sold in North America and many sold in Europe have a weight number on the ball band. I think you would need to find a specialty wool shop to find a substitute, or look on the internet. Download. Items per Page Go. ← Older Post The specific yarns I used have probably been discontinued since I designed these patterns in 2007-8, but these patterns are very versatile and you can substitute many different yarns with great results: Wool Warehouse. Patons Classic Wool is soft and lofty, plus the color selection means you can find the right shade for any project. DK 68% Acrylic, 32% Nylon 149 yards / 50 grams 7 projects. stashed 4 times. Patons Classic Wool goes beyond knitting and crocheting, it’s also a hidden gem for felting. Brand new. Patons Inca Yarn 50 g By Spotlight. Patons is one of the oldest British brands, founded in the 1770’s. Excellent for gloves, socks and scarfs, Coral Wool: A pearly thread for the crocheting of shawls and babies' booties, Ice Wool: A lustrous Mohair thread for Head-Wraps and Crocheted Shawls, Feather Wool and Astrakhan Wool: Glossy looped materials for reproducing in inexpensive form the effect of the costly, Eskimo Wool: A soft Fluffy thread of similar type to rabbit wool, Turkey Rug Wool: Yarn of the Smyrna type, for rug making. Product Title Patons Kroy Socks Yarn - 1 Super Fine Gauge - 1.75 o ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. • New condition • No returns, but backed by eBay Money back guarantee; Free. The yarn comes in the original box, and with the original card tags. This yarn is 70% acrylic and 30% nylon. Patons® Yarn is available here at Knitting-Warehouse at discount prices. Showing 1 - 12 of 25 Results 1 2; 3 Go to Product: Patons Inspired Yarn product-sales-pricee $9.99 null . If it is a multi-coloured yarn, does it have a long, graduated repeat, or is it a mix of short bursts of colours? ... this simple knit uses Merino Extrafine Aran yarn. It has some glittering, it looks so nice at the sun. patons fuzzy wuzzy angora yarn not sure of the actual vinntage but I love the packaging it comes in. Patons is a much-loved brand that is tried and trusted by knitters and crocheters around the world. Fuzzy Wuzzy angora was 4 ply. You have found your dream pattern but it's made in wool and you’re allergic, it's dry clean only and you like to hand wash, it costs the earth and you want to make it more affordable, or the yarn has been discontinued and is no longer available? This chart contains information on Patons & Baldwin Yarns (probably dating from the 1930s-40s): Lady Betty; recommended for shawls and baby garments, White Heather Zephyr Wool; Soft and fleecy thread of single or double thickness, Beehive Real Eider Wool; bright, crisp quality specially adapted for shawls, Beehive Shetland Floss; Light coats, sweaters or other outdoor or indoor wear for women and children, Azalea Floss; An intimate mixture of wool and Art. YARN: GAUGE PER 1" US NEEDLE SIZE: SKEIN WEIGHT: YARDAGE: Patons Beehive Fingering 2 ply Patonised: 8.5 sts/10 rows: 3: Patons Beehive Baby Wool Patonised: 8.5 sts/10 rows projects (70) comments (1) photos (3) editing. You can sort the patterns by your favorite yarn or by the type of pattern it is and who it is made for. Patons Jet 12 Ply #101 Charcoal Wool & Alpaca 50g. The closer the numbers, the more likely it is that you have a good match in weight.

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